Santel MK91 F/13 Mak Cass.

Clear Aperture ----231mm ( 9.1” )
Focal Length ----2972mm ( 117”)
Tube Diameter ----260mm ( 10.25” )
Tube Length ----648mm ( 25.5”) Plus Focuser 762mm (30” )
Tube Weight ----13.6kg ( 30lb )
Diameter Of Secondary Obstruction ----63mm (2.5”) 27%
Meniscus ----K8 Glass Less Than 1% Reflection Broadband Multicoated
Mirror ----LK5 Aluminized SiO2 Protected.
Tube ----Aluminum White Textured
Focusing ----Crayford Type
Finder ----10x 50mm On Quick Release Bracket
Camera Holder ----No
Optical Quality ----1/6th To 1/7th Wave PTV
Cooling ----None

Comes In A Permanent Wooden Case -----------------------------------------------Price $US 3850
With Padded Cradles And Hinged Lid

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